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Back in the Saddle Again

Dr. Gonzo Hat

Theydees and gentlethems, steers and queers, friends of all genders, faiths and creeds may I have your attention puh-lease. If you will direct your gaze to the words in front of you, and simply pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Watch closely now, for my next trick is no sleight of hand. A trick that will confound the senses and baffle the imagination leaving the viewer with a wonderful sense of why. Are you ready now? Are your senses tuned? Are the little downy hairs along the back of your neck at attention? Good, then here we go. For my next feat I shall move to Chalkville, Alabama.

What more fitting end to the last twelve months of displacement could there be then to find myself learning to find joy in living a place I never even wanted to visit. Still, over the last few months many things have come into focus. 

If nothing else this last year has challenged many of us to take a long look at our priorities and goals, our lifestyles and careers, our hopes and dreams. Not as some sort of yardstick to measure our dicks by but more as a sort of slow building mental check-in that hopefully, leads to action. 

Through this time of introspection I have seen the unconscious inertia that had gripped my creative activity over the last few years and taken the time to do a true accounting of who I am as an author and what I want to bring to the table.

As I turn the pages in my own personal book, Get On The Bus, which has come to be my professional brand, will move forward with me. Although there may still be guest writers from time to time, I will be creating the bulk of the content coming out, and there will be far more content coming than we achieved during our first iteration of this website.

The content you see here will be different as well. As I have taken stock of my specific interests and gifts as an author, I find myself being pulled to focus more extensively on my spoken word poetry and the non-fiction novel. While there will still be some traditional journalism posted here, I will also be releasing poetry, serializing non-fiction books and presenting some of my short fiction. 

So buckle up, put on your reading glasses, and let me entertain you for a few minutes a week. I would be flattered to have the opportunity.