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Johanna Hagarty


Resistance vs. Persistence

Part 1:  “The ability to overcome resistance, self-sabotage, and self-doubt is way more important than talent.” – Steven Pressfield July 28, 2020: As small tears slowly rolled down my face, I drove I-26 seeking a specific mountainscape nestled in rural Western North Carolina. Carrying the spectrum of complex human feelings in my pocket, I was disappointed that this was the moment my phone decided not to connect to my car so I could curate the sounds of this important, once in a lifetime drive.  Instead, I relinquished control and hoped the universe would offer some comfort when the random radio …

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I Am In Love With My White Guilt

By Justin Blackburn EVERYTIME I call white people out on an aspect of our 400 years of oppression towards black people, I always get at least one white person burping at me ‘White Guilt! White guilt! White guilt! You have the white guilt! You need to let go of your white guilt! I didn’t create slavery, you just have white guilt, white guilt, white guilt!’ To that I say, WHY YES I HAVE WHITE GUILT and I AM IN FUCKING LOVE WITH IT! I want to take my white guilt out to brunch then drive it down to the jewelry …

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The Protest Pandemic

If injustices and favoritism are the impetus for the protest pandemic, sweeping the globe as wildly as Coronavirus is currently, what is the solution?  Originally this piece was intended to be an economic snapshot highlighting personal experiences of artists, small business owners, and underserved communities (blacks, disabled individuals, LGBTQ+, etc) during the largest global pandemic in my lifetime. I began to write this piece as the events over the last few weeks have transpired, and in that process, a deeper point has been illuminated.  Here in Asheville, North Carolina local married women, Kim and Alex Walton were already balancing disapproving …

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