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Justin Blackburn


I Am In Love With My White Guilt

By Justin Blackburn EVERYTIME I call white people out on an aspect of our 400 years of oppression towards black people, I always get at least one white person burping at me ‘White Guilt! White guilt! White guilt! You have the white guilt! You need to let go of your white guilt! I didn’t create slavery, you just have white guilt, white guilt, white guilt!’ To that I say, WHY YES I HAVE WHITE GUILT and I AM IN FUCKING LOVE WITH IT! I want to take my white guilt out to brunch then drive it down to the jewelry …

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Gregory and Travis McMichael

White People, We Must Own Our Racism So We Can Change Our Racism

Whether it is a white cop brutally murdering an innocent black man or a white woman lying threats to the cops on a black person for asking them to follow rules, I always see black friends post ‘that could’ve been me.’ I want to pose the question to white people, could that have been you? Could you’ve been the white male cop brutally murdering an innocent black person? Could you’ve been the white women hysterically lying to the cops that a black person threatened you because they asked you to put your dog on a leash? Could that’ve been a …

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