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Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson Isn’t Waiting For Your Approval

Jackie Venson talks the difference between being not-racist and anti-racist, as well as her new album Jackie the Robot Vol 1.

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No Blues on Sunday

America to this day seems to be some kind of tricky, experimental, societal invention. The music of America is fundamentally aligned and embedded with that same volatile, flavorful, healing energy. It is the gumbo in the crockpot struck by lightning, almost given special supernatural powers. Grown out of the flares of Hades plus the seeds and rains of heaven. From the field chants to the gospel shuffle in the churches, the hymns and hums of gritty blackbelt soiled Delta Blues to wildly scintillating jazz flowing out of the streets and clubs of New Orleans. Yes, this is black music, therefore …

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